What We Believe

Kinder Self-Care is on a mission to provide good-for-you products inspired and gifted by nature.

We believe in nature’s ability to help support us as we move through our busy lives. Kinder Self-Care believes wellness starts from within. We think a positive frame of mind partnered with healthy life choices, supported by products provided by nature, is a winning recipe for a happy and healthy life.

At Kinder Self-Care, we don’t believe we are the (only) answer to a healthy and well-balanced life but we believe we can be a big part of it. 

- The Team at Kinder Self-Care


What Makes Us Different?

We are stewards of nature


We plant one tree with every purchase; we’ll update you on our Instagram on the progress of our tree farm!


We buy carbon credits to offset the emissions of our product deliveries; we plan to become completely carbon-neutral over time!


Our Hemp is organically and sustainably farmed, right here in the good old USA. Check out our Instagram to see our Hemp farm!


The Kinder Farm

The Farm is where we at Kinder Self-Care get close to nature and explore the abundant possibilities that mother nature has for us. 

Our hemp farm is located in southeast Michigan where what we grow inspires each of our products. Through farming, we learn to respect the earth, the plant itself, the work that goes into cultivating growth and abundance, and everything in between. 

Our favorite days are the ones where we get to spend our time under the sun and in the dirt. Our biggest hope is for the respect we have for this earth to carry over to our products and our customers.

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